poems about love cover art
will replace this image soon eee

k82139 (or just call me "k")
nice to meet you! i like making my own music and pixel art, and sharing them to the world.

i am open for collaborations, just contact me through email. thank you <3

『girl next door (ft. Hatsune Miku, GUMI)』 out 2.24.2024

hi again!

if you thought my newest EP, "poems about love" felt a little bit incomplete, that's because it is LOL and i saved the sixth song for the EP for this release!

i'm super excited to announce that a new song "girl next door" ft. miku and gumi will be released this saturday (Feb. 24) !!! this is an entry for vocacolle 2024 ~winter~, and will be uploaded first on niconico and youtube.
this song will be released on bandcamp and other streaming sites on feb. 29th.

as always, keep an eye for this song! thank you.

『poems about love』 out now

my second EP, "poems about love," is out now!
as of today, it is now available to stream on youtube.
please keep an eye for updates regarding streaming availability and more surprises soon!


hello! thank you all for your support.

this notice addresses two important things:

  • change of release dates of "butterflies (ft. GUMI)" and EP "poems about love"
  • producer name change

due to unforseen circumstances, i'm so saddened to announce that i must delay the release of "butterflies ft. GUMI" and EP "poems about love." as much as i would love to keep the initial release dates, i think i need more time to rest and recover from a difficult situation i've been going through these days.

the changes made are as follows:
- butterflies ft. GUMI : JANUARY 28, 2024 (previously January 27th)
- poems about love : FEBRUARY 17, 2024 (previously February 14th)

i'll go by the "k82139" name exclusively starting today. i couldn't change my YouTube name as of the moment, but from now on, k82139 is the only name i will use.

thank you for understanding. see you again soon.

『poems about love』 EP release on 02.14 + 『butterflies (ft. GUMI)』 release on 01.27

i'm so ecstatic to announce that i will be releasing my second EP, titled 『poems about love』 this february 14th!!

The EP contains five tracks:

  1. intro (apricity)
  2. butterflies (ft. GUMI)
  3. something to be loved
  4. 2022/10/22
  5. to hold in your palm
i'm also super hyped to say that the second track of this EP, 『butterflies (ft. GUMI)』, will be released earlier as a single near the end of this month!

i did my best to experiment a lil bit and try new things for this EP!!

all i could say for now is: this EP is quite vocal heavy and there will be a lot of bonus material alongside the release!!

further announcements regarding the EP will be made soon! can't wait for you guys to hear it :))

『zero』 out now !!

zero (ft. Hatsune Miku) + its instrumental are finally out!!! yay!! i hope you have a happy new year <3

『once again, i wake up (ft. Hatsune Miku)』 out now !!!

yes, you read that title right! as a thank you gift to all of you, i release a version of "once again, i wake up" with vocals!!

this also may be a teaser of what's coming up this 31st oooooohhh cool innit

youtube link (Miku Version)

bandcamp link (Original Version)

new release on december 31

ha ha ha!!! you all thought i was gonna be done with these releases, but i'm ending with one final surprise! stay tuned, people!!

you guys have no idea i'm super excited for this hehe :))

『once again, i wake up』 out now <3

a certain 2 minute and 13 second track is now available to stream on band camp

thank you for all the support since october!! here's to more beepy boopy tunes in 2024!! i promise i'll use another drumkit next year!!!

new release on friday

I'll be releasing something this Friday (December 15th) !!


EP 『coloring』 out now !!!

『coloring』 is now available on Bandcamp!

Videos and more promotional stuff will be uploaded throughout this month of November. Please look forward to it!


『coloring』 EP release on 2023.11.01

My very first EP, 『coloring』, will be released this November 1st!
The EP contains five tracks:

  1. lavenderblush
  2. lightcoral
  3. gainsboro
  4. cornflowerblue
  5. seagreen
I tried to capture the vibe of each color in their respective tracks.
When the EP gets released, I hope you cherish these little beepy tunes as much as I cherish them :)

『lavenderblush』 out now !

As of 2023.10.15 06:00 (UTC+8), 『lavenderblush』 has been released and is available to stream on Youtube and Bandcamp!


『lavenderblush』 release on 2023.10.15

My first track titled 『lavenderblush』 will be released two days from now.
Please look forward to it!


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